The first blog post

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I decided to create a BLOG, and this is the first post in the blog.

I haven't thought fully through what the blog will be about. Probably things that I'm interested in, care and think about. Probably a large part of it will be about computer programming.

I just made the big blog decision earlier today. But then I didn't really know what to do. I might be a professional software developer, but I'm not that great at web things. I had heard about the JAM stack movement and statically generated web pages, but I didn't make the connection that I could actually build a blog that way! A co-worker just told me. He listed up various framework that can be used, and of course I went with the blazing fast Rust one: Zola.

I have been a Rust user since 2016 when I first heard about the language. Sometimes at work, but mostly personal projects. Even though I probably spend most of my time with other languages, I now consider Rust my "main" language. There could be many reasons for that. I enjoy efficient execution, probably because of my background in C/C++ and mobile/embedded. Rust is an intriguing language to use. There are constraints, it's limiting my inner desire to make silly, short-sighted design choices. Other languages mostly feel easy to master, but Rust is a continuous learning experience. But this is why I love it, its excellence in closely modelling the complex craft that programming really is, and that you can't ever really abstract away.

So this blog will likely have some Rust content in it. Maybe it will contain something about music too. Playing, creating and listening to (mostly old) music is my other passion. Perhaps I will import some things written on other blogging platforms into this blog. Those posts will then predate this post, but this is still the first post of this blog!

Next I'll likely have to make some theme adjustments, even though I promised myself I wasn't going to care about the visual style of the blog.